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  • Contract employee / Fixed-term employee

【Tokyo】【1,100 yen/h〜1,375yen/h】【Cleaning Share Houses】【Trial Period required】【Congratulatory Allowance possible】


  • part time job
  • tokyo
  • ¥1,100~1,375/Hourly wage
  • Tokyo

※Night shift 【1,500 〜】

【No Educational background needed】

【Welcome Non-Experienced】【More Than 10 People Wanted】【Dormitory Available】

※【Contract Employee: 220,000yen/month】

Call us ;

Office – 03-5485-0061 【9:00 to 18:00】

Cell – 070-3666-2580 【9:00 to 18:00】

Cleaning Share House
Visit 3~5 Houses or Facilities/day & Do Easy Cleaning for 1 Hour or so/place
Dormitory Available(Rent Subsidy(50% of 40,000~60,000 yen rent)/ Company Will Pay Front-end Cost/
Company Will Assign Dormitory Location & Apartment/ Dormitory Users Can Directly Come To Venue & Go Home)


Employment Type

Contract employee / Fixed-term employee


¥1,100~1,375/Hourly wage

【Contract Employee: 220,000yen/month】

Working hours


8 hours/ shift work


2 days off/week・national holidays・New year's Holiday・Golden Week(May holiday)・summer holiday: 124 days off/year

Work location

Shibuya Daiichi Seimei Building 3rd floor, 3-8-12, Shibuya, Shibuya Ward

Google Map

interview at head office: 5 min. walk from JR Shibuya Station


Google Map

go around near places

Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prf./ Matsudo city, Chiba prf. etc. many places.

Google Map

6:00~22:00/8 hours/ shift work

Company housing

Company housing Available

Required qualifications

Driver's licence holders are welcome!

Employment Terms / Benefits

Accommodation / Company Housing Available, Commute Expenses Allowance, Health Insurance, Welfare Pension, Laborers' Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Training Provided, Uniform Provided,

Language level

beginner's level its okay.


head office: 5 min. walk from Shibuya Station!!!

Other remarks

transportation by 3-wheel motorbike or electric bike/ firstly work with senior & learn, later move around alone with phone app

Recruitment management number


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Company profile

Name of company


Address of Headquarters

Shibuya Daiichi Seimei Building 3rd floor, 3-8-12, Shibuya, Shibuya Ward,

Company Overview

■cleaning business
We aim to offer cleaning according to customers' needs: daily cleaning, periodical cleaning or special cleaning etc. around Kanto Plain.
We have created the first Quality Control Department in cleaning business, and realized automated staff assignment system. We enjoy high evaluation from our customers for real-time quality control by QCD & stable cleaner supply. Not only cleaning, but we also offer anti-virus sanitation so we always receive inquiries from all kinds of business: restaurants, public institutions, sports gyms etc. We wash, sanitize & administer antibacterial treatment, then have ATP wiping test and quickly show the invisible results in figures, so that customers can realize the effect.

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