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  • Temporary employee

【Kasumigaura,ibaraki】【1,200〜1,500/h】【Roasted Sweet Potato Manufacturing Process – Assembly Line Work】【Japanese Language Ability: Daily Conversation】

CDP Japan co., Ltd

  • ¥1200/Hourly wage
  • Ibaraki


You will be responsible for light work and logistics-related tasks, such as processing sweet potatoes, line work, and peeling. Specifically, you’ll peel sweet potato skins. Afterward, the sliced sweet potatoes will be placed/cooked in a machine for roasting (arranged). Once roasting is completed, they will be put/placed in trays. When the trays are full, they will be placed in the drying room. Following this, thoroughly dried potatoes will be inspected, packed into bags, and boxed. The job is very straightforward! It’s a short-term position, available until the end of March! It’s a daytime job! Individuals of various ages are welcome, including international candidates! You might even receive premium sweet potatoes on payday!? It’s an easy task even for those without experience. And because it’s a clean room, weather conditions like heat or cold won’t be an issue!

Call us* Management Division 0120-907-909 (Contact Center)


Food Industry

Employment Type

Temporary employee


¥1200/Hourly wage

22:00~05:00 25% night premium added/

Working hours

①7:00~16:30/ ②8:00~17:30/ ③18:00~4:00/ ④18:30~21:30/ ⑤20:00~5:00

You can choose between day shift exclusive or night shift exclusive work patterns."
※"Work hours of 4 hours without breaks."


Two-day off shift system per week (Sundays + one weekday)
※Treatment of Public Holidays: Attendance on public holidays is treated the same as regular weekdays

Work location

Ibaraki Prefecture, Kasumigaura City

Google Map

Shintate (JR Joban Line: between Toride and Iwaki)
"16 minutes by car from JR Joban Line, Kami-tate Station."

Company housing

Company housing Not available

Required qualifications

nothing(Japanese language in daily conversation level, to talk to line leaders)

Employment Terms / Benefits

Commute Expenses Allowance, Paid Vacation,Welfare Pension, Laborers' Insurance, Unemployment Insurance,Health Insurance, Uniform Provided. →Call us

Language level

Daily conversation (30%) or more


Recruitment management number


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Company profile

Name of company

CDP Japan co., Ltd

Address of Headquarters

2-2-1, Mine, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture

Company Overview

0120-907-909 (Contact Center)

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