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  • Temporary employee

【Ota,Ashikaga,Sano,Oyama】【1,000〜1250/h】【Automobiles/Processing/Inspection/etc..】【Japanese level: 30%】


  • ¥1,000/h~1,250/Hourly wage
  • IbarakiTochigiGunma

We are hiring for processing and inspection of auto parts, and more…

※Currently, we are registering applicants first.

-1 Inspection and assembling of processed metal auto parts. Training is provided. Therefore, people without experience are welcome!

-2 waterproof coat painting of residential exterior walls. (Contract)

And many offers



Factory / Warehouse

Employment Type

Temporary employee


¥1,000/h~1,250/Hourly wage

We are also hiring people who have the following licenses:
Forklift operator: ¥1250/h
Forklift / Slinging (Tamakake) / Crane: ¥1300/h
※ 25% will be added from 22:00 to 5:00.
※ Estimation of monthly income: ¥192,000

Working hours

5 days on and 2 days off / 2 alternating shifts Early shift 6:30 to 17:20 / Late shift: 17:30 to 2:10.


Saturdays off,Sundays off

Work location

Gunma Prefecture

Google Map

Gunma: Interview Location:37-7 Nishihonchō Ōta-shi, Gunma-ken (Ota branch)
We have other factories available. (Nishishin-machi and Yura-cho)

Ibaraki prefecture

Google Map

Ibaraki: The interview can be held at a place of your preference for those who can relocate.
15 minutes by foot from Midorino Station - Tsukuba Express.

Tochigi prefecture

Google Map

Sano, Ashikaga, Oyama

Company housing

Company housing Not available

Required qualifications

Regarding the Japanese level: Must be able to speak and understand basic Japanese.
Must be 18 years and older.
You must subscribe to Voluntary Insurance “Nin’i Hoken” if you commute by personal vehicle or motorcycle.

Employment Terms / Benefits

Accommodation / Company Housing Available,Commute Expenses Allowance,Health Insurance,Laborers' Insurance,Paid Vacation,Unemployment Insurance,Uniform Provided,Welfare Pension

Language level

Japanese level: 30%

Other remarks

※The interview will be scheduled by the recruiter after reviewing the application.

Recruitment management number


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Company profile

Name of company




Address of Headquarters

3 Chome-6-5 Higashijōnan Oyama-shi, Tochigi-ken



Number of employees



Company Overview
Mr. Tamotsu Irie

Our company has been working nearly 30 years in the human resources industry. We provide the support that our employees need so each one of them can be productive and work happily. Our consultants are ready to assist you, so please feel free to consult us regarding your future career.

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