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  • Permanent employee

【Habikino-shi, Osaka-fu】【12,000/d〜16,000/d】【Construction】【Japanese language ability50%】

Moriyama Construction

  • weekly pay
  • ¥12,000〜16,000/Daily wage
  • AichiOsaka

Moriyama Construction offers permanent safety to people’s lives, mainly through slope work.

What is slope work?

We shave cliffs, set rockfall-preventing net and solidify soil, to prevent landslide or rockfall on mountain roads and near cliffs. You will take steps, from easy assisting jobs. Seniors will guide you kindly.

※rent & utilities on company


Civil engineering / Construction / Agriculture

Employment Type

Permanent employee


¥12,000〜16,000/Daily wage

Working hours


leave for work at 6:30 from dormitory, when site is far


basically Sundays & national holidays

Work location

Habikino-shi, Osaka-fu

Google Map

interview on construction site

Company housing

Company housing Available

Required qualifications

as good as Japanese Language Proficiency Test「N3」or can communicate in Japanese

Employment Terms / Benefits

Accommodation / Company Housing Available, Health Insurance, Welfare Pension, Laborers' Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Paid Vacation, Training Provided, Uniform Provided, weekly pay, Daily Pay

Language level

can communicate in basic Japanese

Recruitment management number


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Company profile

Name of company

Moriyama Construction

Number of employees


Company Overview

Our work is mainly from government so it's stable, with no damage from COVID-19 or recession/ dormitory available/ rent & utilities on company/ Mr.Tanaka:070-3666-2580

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