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  • Temporary employee

【Shiroi, Chiba】【1,150/h】【Japanese Language Ability 70%】【Meat-related food factory】

Nihon Work Place Inc. Keiyo

  • chiba
  • ¥1,150/Hourly wage
  • Chiba

MenTake off tape, unpack frozen meat box & move to container

WomenMeasure or pack sliced or ground meat by operator


Food Industry

Employment Type

Temporary employee


¥1,150/Hourly wage

Working hours


8-hour work with 1-hour break


Alternating shifts
※work 5 days/week in shift, including Saturday(Holiday: Sunday and 1 week day)
※have to work on Saturdays

Work location

Kawarago, Shiroi-city

Google Map

※No public transportations available・self commute only


Google Map

※5-minute walk from Nishifunabashi Station

Company housing

Company housing Not available

Required qualifications

【Car/ Bike Commute needed!】
※ Who can go to work by themselves

Employment Terms / Benefits

Commute Expenses Allowance, Health Insurance, Welfare Pension, Laborers' Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Paid Vacation, Uniform Provided, weekly pay,

Language level

Can communicate in Japanese

Recruitment management number


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Company profile

Name of company

Nihon Work Place Inc. Keiyo

Address of Headquarters

Daisan Komori Bld. 5th, 2-403-5, Katsushika-cho, Funabashi-city, Chiba-prefecture

Company Overview

Hiring manager: Sayaka Tashiro- 0474-95-8051
Tanaka 070-3666-2580

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