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  • Contract employee / Fixed-term employee

【Oura, Meiwa-town, Gunma.】【1,300/h】【assembly・test・process・machine operation】【Japanese Language Ability 20%】【Near Tatebayashi Interchange】【Dormitory Available】

Nichirin Incorporated

  • Visa support is not available
  • Reading and writing Japanese is not a requirement.
  • ¥1,300/Hourly wage
  • IbarakiGunma

Assemble, Test, Process, Operate Machine etc. for Light Plastic Parts/

Firstly Day Shift Only, Later Occasionally 2 Shifts/

Dormitory Available/

Both Men & Women are doing Good Jobs!/

Perfect Attendance Prize 20,000 yen!!!!

※We have Company Dormitory Available!!

Okihara : 080-2626-7302






Employment Type

Contract employee / Fixed-term employee


¥1,300/Hourly wage

22:00~05:00 late-night extra wage 25% etc.

Working hours

①8:00~16:50/20:00~4:50 ※dayshift/ overtime possible/ 2 shifts occasionally

②8:00~16:50/20:00〜5:00 ※2 shifts/ overtime possible
③8:00〜16:50/20:00~4:50※2 shifts/ overtime possible: about 1.5h a day※Shimotsuma, Ibaraki


Saturdays & Sundays・summer holiday・GW(May holiday)・New Year's holiday・according to company calendar

Work location

①Meiwa-town, Ora-gun, Gunma-prf.

Google Map

Interview; near there or at Kanto Branch

②Nitta, Ota-city, Gunma prf.

Google Map

Nitta, Ota-city, Gunma prf.

③Yachiyo-town, Yuki-gun, Ibaraki-prf.

Google Map

Interview; near there or at Kanto Branch

Company housing

Company housing Available

Required qualifications

can understand Japanese/ Japanese language ability above 20%

Employment Terms / Benefits

Company Dormitory available, Many men are getting successful at all locations.!!!! Accommodation / Company Housing Available, Commute Expenses Allowance, Health Insurance, Welfare Pension, Laborers' Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Paid Vacation, Uniform Provided, weekly pay, Daily Pay,※Dormitory possible/ Men are doing Good jobs at all locations

Language level

can understand Japanese/ Japanese language ability above 20%

Other remarks

dormitory available at all locations/ ①②for men & women ③vacancies for men

Recruitment management number


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Company profile

Name of company

Nichirin Incorporated

Address of Headquarters

2-37, Showa-cho, Kariya-city, Aichi-prefecture

Company Overview

Please give a call to Hiring manager
Okihara : 080-2626-7302

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