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  • Contract employee / Fixed-term employee

【Tochigi, Moka】【1,107/h】【 processing of lightweight aluminum products.】【Japanese Level 70%】

Nikken Total Sourcing

  • weekly pay
  • ¥1107/Monthly wage
  • Tochigi

We are hiring urgently people to work with aluminum products.

The job consists, Assembly, inspection and packaging of aluminum products.




Employment Type

Contract employee / Fixed-term employee


¥1107/Monthly wage

Working hours

7:00 to 15:00/15:00 to 22:15/22:15:00 ~ to7:00(Alternating shifts)

Alternating shifts


Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays off

Work location

Tochigi, Moka

Google Map

15 minutes by car from Moka Station

Company housing

Required qualifications

Class B Class 4 hazardous materials officer

Employment Terms / Benefits

Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Laborers' Insurance, Welfare Pension, Paid Vacation, uniform is provided.

Language level

【Japanese Level 70%】Must be able to speak, read and write Japanese.

Recruitment management number


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Company profile

Name of company

Nikken Total Sourcing

Company Overview

Hiring manager ;Tanaka 07036662580
Office ; 0276-47-3955 Tanaka

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