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Privacy Policy

Protecting your personal information is an important foundation and obligation of a successful business relationship. Therefore, we will be committed to protect your personal privacy information appropriately.

1. Definition of Personal Information

The “Personal information” refers to the data obtained from users through this service such as; full name, email address, password, member ID and other information that can identify the individual user. The personal information collected is limited to the data registered by users through this service.

2. Use of Personal Information

Your personal information will be handled only within the boundaries of the contract to achieve the purpose of use. The personal information will not be used in any other means other than what is stated in the contract. If it becomes necessary to use personal information beyond the scope of use, we will contact you in advance to ask for your consent.

3. Provision of Personal Information

We will not provide personal information to a third party unless we have consent from you in advance or based on the contractual laws and regulations. However, in the event that we outsource the protection of handling your personal information, we will include a personal information protection contract with the contractor and supervise the exchange to ensure appropriate handling.

4. Safety Management of Personal Information

Our company will take the necessary and appropriate measures for the prevention of leakage, loss or damage of personal information or for the safety management of other personal information.

5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

In addition to complying with the laws and regulations pertaining to personal information, national guidelines, and other related matters, a policy and internal rules will be created and managed to ensure proper security for a successful operation.

6. Continuous Improvement

We will review and improve the handling of personal information on the regular basis due to constant changes in business content as well the social environment, laws and information technology surrounding business security.

7. Responding to Complaints, Consultations and Disclosure

We will openly and promptly respond to any questions and/or inquiries regarding personal information complaints, consultations, usage notifications, disclosure, corrections, and suspension of use and others.