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This is a recruitment site that provides support services for foreign nationals.

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  • Sergio Tanaka

    Sergio Tanaka

    I am a very friendly, cheerful and energetic Brazilian. I can provide assistance in English. Please feel free to inquire!


  • What is the differences between the Temporary employees, Permanent employees and Contract employees?

    Temporary Employees are those who have a contract with a recruiting agency. Therefore, these employees are not employed by the company that they actually work. Permanent and Contract Employees are employed directly by the company that they actually work.

  • Am I entitled to bonuses and transportation allowance?

    Some companies may or may not provide bonuses and/or transportation allowance due to their policy. Please ensure to discuss this matter during your interview.

  • Do I have to enroll to the Social Insurance "Shakai Hoken"?
    ※Question frequently asked by the foreign nationals.

    The Social Insurance "Shakai Hoken" is an insurance that combines the Health Insurance and Welfare Pension Insurance. Normally you can enroll to one or another insurance if you are not enrolled to the Social Insurance. However, if you are enrolled to the Social Insurance, the individual or the company can not select to enroll to only one of the insurances and they must enroll to both of them. In addition, foreign nationals employed in Japan are eligible to Health Insurance and Welfare Pension Insurance, as well as Industrial Injury Insurance and Unemployment Insurance, in the same way as the Japanese nationals as long as they meet the conditions of enrollment specified by law.

  • Does my visa allow me to work in Japan?
    ※Question frequently asked by the foreign nationals.

    There are no work restrictions for Permanent Residents, Long-term, Spouse of Japanese National or Spouse of Permanent Resident visa holders. However, those who hold the Engineer / Humanities / International Services visa must apply for the "Application for Certificate of Authorized Employment" to change their visa status to "Working Visa".

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About the "My Number" System

By law the employees are obliged to submit the "My Number Card" when requested by the employer. It is mandatory but not enforced. The obligation to submit the My Number Card applies also for part-time employees. The My Number Card is required to reduce the burden for the companies and to contribute to the administrative procedures such as; Year-end Adjustments, W-2 Form (tax withholding slip), Social Security and Pension are handled by the company rather than individually by the employee.
※ You cannot use your “Resident Zairyu Card” in replacement of the My Number Card.

my number

About the Resident Zairyu Card

The Resident Zairyu Card is issued to the foreign residents who reside in Japan for a long period of time. The Residence Zairyu Card contains basic information such as; full name, visa status, period of stay, and a photo ID and others.

Resident Zairyu Card

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