The recruiting website for the foreign residents in Japan [Good Jobs! plus]

Terms of Service

Please read and agree to the following terms before using our service.

Article 1 (General Rules)

1. The Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) shall apply to all relations between Good Jobs! plus and all users of this service.

2. By using this service, the user shall be deemed to have agreed to all provisions of the terms presented.

3. Good Jobs! plus may alter certain terms without prior notice to the user. The modified terms will supersede the previous terms and will become effective upon implementation into the service. The user has agreed to the revised terms by using this service after the alteration.

Article 2 (Definitions)

The following terms shall have the following meanings, respectively:
(1) “”Good Jobs”” refers to an online service provided by this company.
(2) “User” refers to any person who uses our services.
(3) “Member” refers to any person registered as a user of this service.
(4) “Member information” refers to the information provided on the member’s profile such as; e-mail address, user name and others.
(5) “Content” refers to all forms of data such as; text, images, audios, videos, programs and others.
(6) “Post” means uploading the content through the form of this service.

Article 3 (Purpose and Contents of the Recruitment Website)

We publish recruitment advertisements for companies and business owners. We provide recruitment services that match job seekers with companies and business owners.

Article 4 (Member Information)

The member shall follow the following matters when using our service.
(1) When the user registers as a member, the registration must be conducted over the internet as stipulated by the company.
(2) Good Jobs! plus will accept as a member, those who have provided all the information requested without any issues. We have the right to reject any registration request from those who have violated the Terms of Service in the past. We may not approve your membership if the request is determined inappropriate.
(3) The user must provide true and accurate personal data when entering his/her membership information.
(4) Good Jobs! plus is authorized to unsubscribe users who have forged wrongful data without asking for their consent and have no obligation to disclose any of the reasons for the action taken.
(5) All member information registered through our service will be filed regardless of whether it is public or private.
(6) The member is responsible for the disclosure of information into the system. (Personal discretion is advised when entering member information)
(7) Each member must be responsible for the use and management of their member information.
(8) Regardless of whether or not the member himself/herself has gained access to the system, the member shall be responsible for all actions and results.
(9) Persons under 15 years of age must obtain parental consent in order to use this service.

Article 5 (Handling of Personal Information)

The Company shall properly handle any personal information in compliance with the Privacy Policy.

Article 6 (Membership)

The company may cancel the membership if the following applies:
(1) When inappropriate content is posted.
(2) In case of unauthorized use of password.
(3) If the member information is false.
(4) If a violation of the terms is found.
(5) In case the company finds any other inappropriate reasons.

Article 7 (Member’s Password)

1. Members are responsible and will control the security of the password management while logging into the system (The same shall apply for those who enter their passwords linked by external services).
2. Members must set strong and secure passwords to prevent third party access, the member must not disclose password information and keep it confidential.
In addition, we advise members to log out when using this service on computers or mobile phones used by multiple people. The members are fully responsible for managing their passwords.
3. Our company shall not be liable for any unauthorized use of the password due to leakage to a third party.
4. The member cannot release or use the password used to register their membership to a third party.
5. Our company will assume that the member himself/herself is using the service if it has been accessed with the registered password provided by the member. The member is responsible for any issues associated with this matter.
6. The members who damage our company are subject to consequences and shall assume all responsibilities.

Article 8 (Withdrawal)

1. The membership withdrawal shall be requested through the system dedicated for these matters. Be aware that the withdrawal will be accepted at the time that you send the request to the company.
2. Our company shall not be obligated to retain the content posted through the service when the member withdraws from our service.
3. Our company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage to other users caused by the withdrawal of members.

Article 9 (Disclaimer)

The user must agree to the following prior to using our services and use our service at your own risk.

・ Guarantee of Information
Our company will publish job ads after reviewing them. But please note that we cannot guarantee anything. Please be aware that you are fully responsible for your actions at work. In addition, our company will not be responsible for any damages caused by the job information published or for any troubles between users. Please contact us if you find any incorrect content on the job ad.

・ Guarantee link destination
Our company will not be held responsible for the homepage linked by the user and the websites linked by external linkback. In addition, please note that our company will not be responsible for any damages or issues caused by the link’s destination or between the users.

・ External Service
The member should be aware that they may not be able to use all or part of this service due to alterations in the content and operation of external services associated to our company. Our company should not be liable for any damages or when members become unable to use all or part of the external services. Our company shall not be liable for any damages experienced by members in connection with external services.

・Limitation of liability for damages
The user limitations:
(1) Service related issues for access or usage. (2) Unauthorized access or modification of the system. (3) Other users accessing the system. (4) We will not be liable for any damages caused by or related to third party access. (5)The company will also not be responsible for other detrimental loss, (including mental distress or lost profits including monetary loss). In the event the company is held accountable for damages, the company will only be liable for damages actually suffered by the user directly unless of gross negligence or intentional infliction.
Our company will not be held liable for damages arising from special circumstances (including predictable or unpredictable damages).

Article 10 (Temporary Interruption of this Service)

Our company may interrupt the provision of the service for the following reasons without prior notice to the user. The company shall not be held responsible for any disadvantage or damage to users due to the suspension of this service.
(1) During maintenance, inspection and repair of the system of service.
(2) When performing the maintenance and inspection of the equipment for the operation of this service.
(3) When there is an issue with a system device due to a fire, power failure and others.
(4) Unable to provide the service due to natural disasters, wars, conflicts, labor disputes and others.
(5) If our company determines that it is necessary to suspend the provision of this service due to operational or technical reasons.

Article 11 (Copyright and Others)

1. The copyright relating to the content used in this service belongs to the author of the content.
2. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, edited, reorganized, published, reprinted, sent publicly, advertised on screen, exhibition, offer, sale, transfer, loan, translated, adaptation, secondary use and others by the users.
3. Our company will not be liable for any loss of content caused by the user or a third party.
4. The company shall have the right to charge the user for the amount corresponding to the profit in the event that the user makes a profit by using the contents published on this service.

Article 12 (Prohibited Acts)

Our company has strict rules and regulations regarding acts that violate the user agreements with the service. If the company determined that the user committed a violation we will initiate these actions based on the severity of the action. (1) Correct the violation. (2) Temporarily suspend the service. (3) Completely delete the member’s registration. (4) The company has the right to withhold or inform the user of violations inside or outside the service. The company is not liable for disadvantages or detriments to the user caused by the rules in this section. Also, please note that we do not accept any questions or complaints regarding the actions we have performed in accordance with the provisions of this article.

(1) Violation of this agreement.
(2) Our company forbids third parties to publish information intended to receive monetary compensation and others.
(3) Acts contrary to laws, regulations, public order and morals.
(4) Associated to criminal acts or promoting criminal acts.
(5) Infringing on intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, design rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, patent rights, know-how) of our company, other members or third parties.
(6) Sending or posting harmful programs, scripts and others.
(7) Disadvantage to other users or third parties.
(8) Make profits, personal trading / transfers, promotional activities. (unless consent has been granted by the company)
(9) Solicitation for the purpose of profit to other users or third parties. (including solicitations of various insurance and similar activities)
(10) Conducting religious activities (including solicitation and missionary activities) or actions that our company has determined to lead to related activities.
(11) Sending invitation to adult’s sites, one-click fraud sites, sites that aim to disseminate harmful computer programs such as viruses and others, or any other sites that are deemed inappropriate by our company. (including actions of pasting of links)
(12) Posting invitations for third parties for schemes such as; pyramid scheme, chainmail, MLM (multi-level marketing), email lead and others.
(13) Service offered to our users from our competitors. (unless consent has been granted by the company)
(14) Actions intended to be used for services competing with this service. (including actions with the purpose of collecting information)
(15) Impersonation of this company or a third party.
(16) Reprinting our support emails and private communications.
(17) The act of using one user ID by multiple people or one person holding multiple user IDs.
(18) The act that puts a burden on the server beyond the range of normal use.
(19) Interfere with the operation of this service or damage to our credentials.
(20) Other things that our company considers inappropriate.

Article 13 (Notification / Contact)

When contacting our company, the user shall contact us via e-mail or through the form specified by the company. We cannot accept notifications from anyone other than the individual listed on the contact information of this service. We will contact the users through the posting service or by e-mail. However, our company is not liable for any disadvantages if the user provides an incorrect contact information.

Article 14 (Transfer of Rights and Obligations)

1. The users shall not assign or lend any rights or obligations based on their position under these Terms to a third party or use them as collateral without our prior written consent.
2. In the event that the business related to this service is transferred to a third party, through a merger or other means, the status of this agreement including rights, obligations, and membership will follow the succession of the business. The user will have previously agreed to the transfer of information and content of the service to the successor.

Article 15 (Possibility of Separation )

1. Even if some of the provisions of this agreement are determined to be invalid based on laws and regulations, other provisions of this agreement are still valid.
2. Even if a part of the provisions of this agreement may be invalid or cancelled in relation to a user, this agreement is still valid in relation to other users.

Article 16 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the Japanese law. In addition, in the event of a lawsuit between our company and the user regarding this agreement, the Maebashi District Court shall be the exclusive Jurisdiction Court of the first instance.