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  • Permanent employee

【Odawara, Sagamihara, Kanagawa】【¥205,200~235,200/m】【cellphone sales/ contracting】【JLPT:N1】

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  • ¥205,200~235,200/m/Monthly wage
  • Kanagawa

General service for visiting customers at phone store(salesmaking contractsapp. service)/ later, store makingactual sales 2.answering inquiries 4.making contracts etc./ Planning and co-operation with other staff, to make more customer-satisfactory store                                                                        

■For foreigners

Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N1 needed(for making contract needs high-level Japanese)

Job experience in Japan(as dispatched contract or permanent employee)

※part-time work at convenience store/ eatery/ drinking place excluded



Employment Type

Permanent employee


¥205,200~235,200/m/Monthly wage

■approximate yearly income: 2,870,000~3,290,000 yen -contents: monthly income(salary+housing & local price allowance)×12 months+bonus(summer・winter)
-18% of housing & local price allowance and job allowance is paid as "overtime pay", which is always paid no matter whether there's overtime or not. So when overtime allowance is calculated, the other 82% is counted in.
■approximate monthly income: 205,200~235,200 yen(fixed overtime pay/ housing & local price allowance included)
-the monthly income above includes allowances below
-fixed overtime pay: 30 hours/month, 35,400 yen/month as job allowance(additional overtime allowance paid if surpassed)
-housing & local price allowance:different according to places/ whether head of family or not(10,000~40,000yen/month)
■bonus: 2 times/year(June・December)

Working hours



2days off per week.
【108 days off/year】2 days off/week、shift system(8~10 days off/month), paid holiday 10~20 days, consecutive holiday: 2 times/year, 6 days at maximum(once a year)

Work location

Kanagawa-Ken(planning so far)

Google Map

Odawara/ Isehara/ Zama/ Odakyu-Sagamihara/ Nagatsuda/ Yamato/ Minami-Machida *At first you could be placed at nearby Softbank/ Y-mobile shop(Chuo-Rinkan/ Bono Sagamiono etc.)

Company housing

Company housing Not available

Required qualifications

Japanese Language Proficiency Test:N1 needed(for making contract needs high-level Japanese)

Employment Terms / Benefits

Bonus, Commute Expenses Allowance, Health Insurance, Welfare Pension, Laborers' Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Paid Vacation, Training Provided, Visa Support,

Language level

Must to fluent in Japanese language.

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